Sunday, June 30, 2013


Hey Jammers!!!

I haven't been getting on animal jam very
much and here's the reason why.
If you play Minecraft you will
understand how adicting it is, lol.
So, recently has been 
that an update (6.1) is coming,
well, i downloaded it (hehehe, its not
out yet. and no i didn't hack)
and there are horses and carpets and 
supplies for horses ect.
i will show you.

So here i am on my horse.

Here are my donkeys and horses.

They came out with a rope called a lead
and you can attack it to all animals.

When your on your horse and you press "e"
heres what it comes up with. You can take
the armour off and on your horse.

Here is a horse with a lead and if you right click
a fence it does that and the horse is there until
 you right click the fence.

And that's why im not on aj that often


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