The Legend of korasto

The Sunday breeze blew by her long flowing hair. She sighed as she wondered what to do. Her name is laya. She does not have a last name. She has no home, no money, and no family.
 A tear slid down her face as she walked barefoot threw the thick hedge that went to the city.
 Her bare feet got scratched by scraping against cat's claws and thorns in the hedge. 

On the other side of the hedge was a very big metropolis.

 She saw a little girl walking to the super market with her mom. The little girl hugged her mom as they walked into the store. Laya wiped away a few tears and searched her pocket, hoping to find enough coins for some bread. She pulled out of her pocket, a nickel. She looked at the nickel and smiled for she knew that this was enough for two loafs of soft bread.

 She ran happily to the super market. Inside were all sorts of nicknacks and toys. She glanced wantingly at the toys but felt her nickel in her pocket and remembered it was for her food, and only her food. 

She thought "If i go over to Mrs. Colana and tend her garden, i may get fifteen cents. I'll go over after i buy my loafs of bread and ask her if she needs me to do a job for her." As she picked up two loafs of bread, a boy named Johnny pushed is way threw the crowd of people at the super market and stopped at Laya. "So little poor girl is buying a mere two loafs of bread, eh? Check it out boys" He said as three more boys came out of the crowd. She heard some mean chuckles as Johnny continued, "Would ya mind givin' me a little taste of it, huh, little girl." Laya clutched the nickel in her pocket as she held her loafs close with the other hand. She made herself look as if she didn't have a care in the world, but inside she was melting up. It was only two loafs of bread and of course she was poor. But with bullies like these she knew she had to be strong. She straightened up and walked away to the register. 

She bought her two loafs of bread and ran outside all the way to the hedge so she could cry freely. Loud sobs were heard as tears tickled her cheeks. Then she felt a drop. It wasn't one of her tears, it was coming from somewhere else. Suddenly more started falling. Soon it was lighting and thundering. She ran to Mrs. Colana's cottage on the outskirts of the metropolis. She quickly knocked on the door. Mrs. Colana was someone that would help, someone who would care about a poor, alone in the world, struggling for food girl. 

Mrs. Colana opened the door and said quietly so Laya could barely hear,"Come in, come in, hurry it is wet out there and your wet too!" Acctually Mrs. Colana was speaking clear and loud but it was the thundering anger of the storm that was the loud one. Mrs. Colana bathed and dressed Laya with her children's old clothes. Now that her son had gone off to collage, it was only Mrs. Colana and her dog, Meemee Marshmallow. Marshmellow for short. Marshmellow was a white retriever with long silky hair and a good temper. She loved Laya and Laya loved her.

 As Mrs. Colana was cooking a good dinner for Laya disaster struck. Mrs, Colana swerved a bit, then fell to the floor. Laya screamed with fright when she saw Mrs. Colana laying on the floor. Mrs. Colana moved a bit and said faintly as if she were about to fall asleep,"Laya, the phone…… It's by the stove…. Call 911……. The police…. I need a…. Docter….." Then she closed her eyes and all was silent. Laya squirmed to the stove and punched in 911. 

The policeman nearly jumped out of his socks when Laya started yelling in the phone. "It's ok, it's ok. Now tell me what's wrong." Laya nearly screamed back at him,"NO IT'S NOT OK! SOMEONE MIGHT DIE HERE! MRS. COLANA HAS FALLEN TO THE FLOOR! SHE NEEDS A DOCTOR OR SHE MAY DIE! SHE THE ONLY PERSON THAT IS LIKE A FAMILY TO ME!!!" The policeman replied calmly, but quickly,"I'll be over in about two minutes." It may have only been a couple of minutes, but Laya's heart beated as if she were going to have a killer heart attack at any moment. 

As the police and the ambulance rushed in Laya fell to the ground with a thud and blood stream down her head. She had fainted and as she feel, she hit the side of the phone. The phone fell on Laya's leg and broke, making a big, bleeding cut down her leg. From her knee, all the way down her leg almost reaching her foot.

 Laya woke on a chair in a hospital room. On the hospital bed lay Mrs. Colana. Yes she was alive and awake but it looked as if she hadn't had much sleep."Laya," she said weakly,"You must take care of my cottage and garden seeing i cannot myself. You know were everything is. I trust you. Feed marshmallow two times a day."She smiled as if she only had enough strength to smile."I will, don't worry, i won't let you down." Laya said, making Mrs. Colana feel comfortable.

 Laya ran out of the hospital and ran to the hedge, then made a left turn, and there was Mrs. Colana's beautiful cottage that Laya always wanted. She ran inside and the phone was still broken. She picked up the broken pieces and put them in a neat pile in a cardboard box she had found. 

She then saw Marshmallow jogging happily up to her. She looked at the time. Oh, it is five pm! I better feed marshmallow! She thought as she headed to pick up marshmallow's bowl.

 After she put food in the bowl and set it on the floor in the kitchen she went to the medicine cabinet and got some medicine for her bleeding leg, and head. She took some bacteen and a paper towel, she made the paper towel wet with warm water and washed off the blood. She got another paper towel and spreaded bacteen on it, then she rubbed some on her leg and her head. She held a paper towel to her head and her leg to stop the bleeding.

 She looked in the refrigerator. Uh oh! out of food. I'll go to the super market to get some. She thought as she took off her bloody clothes. She dressed in some shorts and a T-shirt. 

She took three nickels from the money drawer and rushed outside. She went into the super market, looked around to make sure Johnny and his gang wasn't there, and went and got six loafs of bread. She skipped over the the register and paid for the loafs. Laya ran outside and ran all the way to the cottage. She wasn't taking any chances with those bullies. Most of them were twice her size! 

This continued until one day to Laya's surprise, Mrs. Colana knocked on the door! Laya was so glad that Mrs. Colana was safe. Mrs. Colana paid Laya three whole dollars! Mrs. Colana gave Laya a small phone that had only costed her about six dollars. 

Mrs. Colana thanked Laya for taking care of her house and her garden, and Laya thanked her for the three dollars.

 Laya decided she was always in touch with Mrs. Colana because the phone, so Laya packed some clothes Mrs. Colana had given her, her three dollars, A water bottle, four loafs of bread, and her phone.

 She happily ran threw the metropolis. This was no ordinary metropolis. It was more like a country metropolis so not every one was pushing around to get they're way. 

Laya skipped and skipped, and when she got to the edge of the metropolis she was exhausted. She ran out of the metropolis into the forest and climbed a tree. She then fell fast sleep. 

When she woke she stretched and climbed down the tree. Laya walked threw the forest. It was so peaceful, unlike the metropolis back at Mrs. Colana's home. Laya sighed and felt as if she had nothing to worry about.

 She jumped when she heard something in the bushes. She shivered at the thought of what could be in those bushes. She froze with fear. Then limping and falling, come out of the bushes, a small baby wolf. Laya thought "How cute! this could even be like my dog!" The little wolf staggered up to her. The wolf looked like it was about the right age where it didn't need milk, and it just left it's parents. Though this must have been the runt, cause it looked much too small and weak to be on it's own.
Laya crouched down, and holding out her hand she made clicking and kissing sounds. The little wolf looked so happy, it came stumbling all the way. Laya petted the small breakable head. 

This pup was black with Dark brown, and white spots. Very unusual for a wolf. The wolf  didn't hesitate for even a second as it ran and stumbled into Laya lap. Looking at the sweet little fur ball, Laya knew that they would be together for a long time. Loving one another and making each over feel better. She repeated what she did with her own cuts, only to the wolf. It's leg was badly injured. She used an old shirt as a bandage for her little baby wolf.

She picked up her wolf and looked at it, wondering what it's name should be. "Oh little sweetie, what should your name be?" She halted ask it and half asked herself. "Oh i know! I have always wanted a pet named Ashpaw! Your name is now Ashpaw, my little baby. Ash for short." Ash squirmed at the thought of having a name. It's little paws looked like rabbit's paws. Ash was a boy.

Laya put Ash on the ground and they walked threw the forest together. Ash loved Laya like she was hes mother.

 On they're way threw the forest they heard a voice. The feeble voice yelled trying to get people to notice,"Fortune teller! First fortune telling is free!" The somewhat old lady voice called out. Ash looked at Laya. "Well if the first ones free it wouldn't hurt to see what she says." 

They ran tword the voice. Ash was slowing down, he still had a hurt leg. "Oh ya, sorry Ash" Laya said as she picked him up and continued to run. When she got there, the lady had seemed to be waiting. The old woman stood from her rocking chair in front of her small carriage and said in a I-know-it-all voice,"I have been expecting you." Laya followed her into the small tentish thing with Ash in her arms. 

She knew that this fortune teller would take her bag and see if there was a picture, so she grabbed her bag tight so the fortune teller couldn't get it when Laya expected her to take it.  To Laya's surprise the old woman never tried to take it. The fortune teller said in a mysterious voice,"My name is Misfortune." Laya knew she would say something like that and replied, "Hello, Mrs. Fortune." Misfortune took out a chrystal ball. She looked deeply in it, with all her concentration. She never reached for Laya's bag. She then exclaimed,"It is impossible!" Laya was anxious to know what she was going to say next so Laya said, "What what?!" Misfortune's eyes were the size of two golf balls. She replied," Oh dear child, it seems your will be able to do something. But you will have to pay to find out the rest." Laya shook her head and headed for the exit with Ash close in her arms. "Ya right, what does that lady know? That I'm ganna be able to turn into something. That's ridiculous!" She exclaimed as they got farther and farther in the woods.

 As they did, they heard growls and howls. Ash was shivering and Laya knew it wasn't because of the cold since it was during the summer. She was starting to get scared herself when She saw red and yellow eyes staring at her. She was scared and she didn't know what else to do so she put Ash quickly into her bag and climbed up a tree as fast as a squirrel. And she was glad she did for a pack of starving wolves came out from all corners. She was also glad that she picked such a high tree.

She dozed off while watching the wolves try to find a way to get up the tree. When she woke the next morning, she was covered in dew. Just my luck. she thought as she wiped the dew away. She was glad it was warm and she dried off quickly. Then, it started to sprinkle. "Uh oh!" She said to Ash. She quickly climbed down the tree and ran to a small gave in the side of a mountain. It was a tiny cave, with a tiny entrance, just big enough for Laya and Ash to fit inside. It was damp and warm inside the cave. The cave part was as big as two cupboards. Laya was pretty small though and of course Ash was too, they had some extra room inside the cave. 

Then she heard a noise that frightened her. It was sorta like a RING RING RING! It was coming from her bag. She opened her bag and saw that it was the phone. She answered it. It was Mrs. Colana wondering if she was ok. After a small talk with Mrs. Colana, Laya ate some of a loaf of bread, laid her head on her bag, and fell fast asleep. 

She woke up the next morning and streched. She then tried to get up, but bumped her head. Then she remembered, Oh ya, I'm in a cave.

She ate her breakfast and popped her head out of the hole, made sure no animal was out there, and went out. She decided to go to the right of the cave. Ash came barking/howling out of the cave entrance. She smiled as her little wolf stumbled to her feet. 

She picked up Ash and started out. She walked no more than half a mile when she saw a tunnel. It was a vine tunnel. She looked at it with curiosity. "Hello?" she stammered as she peered into the very dark and damp tunnel. Her voice echoed threw the tunnel. She was taken over by curiosity. She walked into the the tunnel with little hesitation. Ash stopped at the entrance and barked, scared to come in. He whined as she went farther into the tunnel. Ash barked one last time and rushed in following Laya. 

She looked behind her. The forest disappeared into blackness. She had a mini panic attack and grabbed Ash into her arms. She pulled herself together and walked forward. 

She kept going till she finally saw daylight on the side she was headed to. As she peared out of the she heard a roar which almost made her retreat back tword the tunnel. She cosoously
 walked the rest of the way out. She glanced around. It was all green. Green bushes, green leaves, and green grass. The trees and grass and everything green had an enchanting feel. It glowed when you touched it.

 Laya's eyes were wide with amazement. "This must be what the fortuneteller was talking about? What am i going to turn into?" She wondered. She shivered. What if this life here was bad? She turned around to go back threw the tunnel. To her surprise the tunnel was gone, and in it's place was a green person. 

The green person looked a little bit scared. "lihho? wlat quiaturi ari you? e lavim't ziim you arounj bifori!" She said in a different language Laya couldn't understand. "Hello?" Laya stammered nervously. The green person's face shaded with understanding. "Hello?" The little green person said. Laya was amazed. What was this creature? "Hello. I a baby orc." The little green person said shyly. The little green person had hair going to her elbow and a shy look on her face. An orc? what in the hay dee day was that? "I'm a human." Laya answered to the astonished orc. The baby orc's eyes got big with fright."You human? You must go! You be killed by orcs!" Laya shivered. Killed? "Where may i go?" Laya questioned the little orc. "Anywhere. Not past me." She pointed behind her."Go other way." Laya nodded, picked up Ash, and went the opposite way.

 When she was just where she could barely hear the baby orc, she hid behind a tree. Then she saw a huge scary creature. It was, of course, green like the baby orc. She shivered, looking at the creature. That must be a grown-up orc. she thought. The creature said," Ugh!" Laya thought,"What? This guy must have a problem!" Ash shivered in her arms. "Your right. We should leave now!" She whispered in his little wolf ears.

She ran threw the forest, hoping to not meet a full grown orc. Something swooded in the sky. She stopped. What was up there? She looked up and searched the sky.  Then she heard something in the bushes around her. Whatever it was it had sarounded her. She was trapped! Then a bunny popped out at one of the bushes. "Awwwww!" Laya exclaimed. Why wasn't this rabbit afraid of her?

 She then saw a bluebird. That must have been the thing that swooped in around her

 . She sat down and petted the sweet little rabbit. As she settled herself on the ground a bunch of forest animals like deers and skunks and squirrels came into her small 

clearing. Little birds flew down and landed on her shoulders and head, there was even a pack of wolves. They were all very nice to Laya. Maybe she did have a real future here. With these animals. Maybe she could find a town. 

The buck ran in front of her and turned around. It's was as if he wanted Laya to get on and ride him. She climbed onto his sturdy back. He hopped smoothly threw the forest. As they went on all the forest animals were all hopping, running and jumping behind. She clutched Ash tightly in her arms. This was what she always wanted! She had lots of animals who loved her!
 As she rode on, a wooden house came into sight. She was excited! Maybe this was a town. There were humans tending gardens, herding sheep, cows and pigs, building buildings. There was even a cottage on the outskirts like Mrs. Colana's. Laya urged the buck to go on. When they got a few feet from the town the buck slowed, and came to a stop. Laya kissed the buck's neck, hugged and petted the rest of the animals and said good-bye to them all. Then she ran to the town. "Oh my! Where did you come from, dear?" ask the first lady. "Um. Earth?" Laya said, somewhat confused. The lady's expression turned from confused to amazed. "Did you really come from earth?" She asked. Laya had a feeling that this lady wasn't being sarcastic. "Well what planet is this?" Laya said, now very confused. The lady replied,"Korasto." What the hay hoo dee day da! where was that? "What? I have never heard of- i mean i never- what? How did i get here?" Laya asked, worried. Ash strode up at that moment with a little lizard crawling on his back. The lizard had small wings on his back.

. "EEK!" Laya exclaimed."That lizard has wings!" Now something even stranger happened. It changed colors from green to pink! But there was no time to pay attention to that, because right then Orcs stormed out of the forest surrounding the town. Laya froze with pure fear as a orc ran right tword her. Then she came to her senses. She ran as fast as she could  out into the forest. Though she was awfully scared as she picked up Ash and made her way out of the gate surrounding the town. The orc she had seen before was very close behind her. He jumped, about to land on her, but then everything went white. Laya opened her eyes. Everything was gone. She was now in complete blinding light. She stood up, and looked down. She was standing on nothing just whiteness. Ash wiggled in her arms. She could tell he was scared."Ash, I'm not sure that Korasto is the best planet to be on." Ash cocked his head in agreement. "You can understand me on this planet?????" Laya asked, quite confused. Ash nodded his head up in down clearly saying he did know what she was saying."This planet is very strange." Laya whispered to herself. She was still in all that light. Then it started to clear out. She could see trees and bushes starting to form out of the light. Then when it finished, she was in a regular forest. In herself she felt a power that she had never felt before. Ash whined."I do want to know what your saying, Ash. I want to be a wolf." She said wondering what exactually he was saying. Then she felt herself getting on the ground. She dropped Ash because for some reason she couldn't hold him. "AAAAAHHHH!!!!" Ash exclaimed when he turned toward Laya. "Oh my gosh! I can understand you, Ash!" Laya said happily. Ash looked scared. Laya looked at her feet."AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!" she screamed, completely scared. Her feet, weren't feet… They were paws! She was a pure white long-bodied wolf. Her stomach was skinny as a dog would be when it didn't get much food. "Oh Ash this is wonderful! I can understand you!" Laya exclaimed exidedly. "Yes it is, mother!" Mother? Ash thinks I'm his mother? Laya thought. Awww, how cute! Laya thought happily. She was a wolf mother now.

 She ran threw the forest stealthily. Then at that moment she heard Ash whining behind her. Then she remembered, Oh yes he is still a baby. She ran up to him jumping over rocks and logs and dead trees. She picked him up by his loose skin and fur and carried him off into the forest. She ran at great speed. As Laya ran she hoped to find the village and see what damage was done. She hoped it wasn't serious. It felt like forever before some houses came into sight and Ash seemed to be getting heavier and heavier. When she finally got there it wasn't a pretty sight. Ashes were in the place of many of the cottages and some house were knocked down. She walked threw the village with sadness in her heart. The walls were knocked, burned, or teared up. "Orcs are evil creatures!" Laya whispered to Ash. Ash looked up at her with scared eyes. Laya smelled something! It smelled of an orc. She could tell Ash smelt it too. She picked up ash the same way she had before then ran, following the sent. She past a few dead bodies with arrows or swords slashed into they're chest. She followed her noes all the way to a giant wooden wall. She knew she had to look like a better dog, she decided. "I want to be a collie." In two seconds flat she turned into a collie. 
Her hair was long and silky. She had a long legs and and a a long skinny snout. "I'm sorry to do this but stay here, Ash" Laya whispered. "Nooooo, Mother!!" Whined Ash. " Laya sighed, feeling 


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