Thursday, July 4, 2013

Today is....

Hey jammers!!!
GUESS what today is!!!
Haha i guess you guessed right, perhaps wrong!

Anyways, YES! It is freedom day! Or formally known as
The Fourth Of July!

Tonight me and my family will be launching fireworks off our driveway! (It will be on our driveway on our private property and theres no burn ban so its NOT illegal! lol)
Perhaps later i may show you a few pics of them... MAY....
So today there isnt exactually any thing new, but don't worry, new stuff will come soon.

I will talk about the kangaroo now.

 Here is what the kangaroos look like on AJ (idk why this female has a boy name)

 Here is what the gift card for it looks like

You can buy them on Ebay for a whopping $50. Great deal for the seller.
It used to be $99 then it went down to 85$ the next day then now it is $50.
Here is what it looks like on Ebay....
I'm sure the kangaroo will come out in the
Diamond Shop so hold onto your diamonds.
I know i am.