mares, coalts, fillies, and stallions

Stallion with his mare and filly.

Stallions fighting

Lighting the stallion neighing.

Lightning the stallion trotting 

Lightning the stallion galloping

Colt playing

Filly walking

Filly standing
Recently born colt

White filly standing

One filly, and two colts playing

Filly loves farm dog
Two mares checking out a bike

Mare and it's colt

Two stallions fighting over mares

Filly running

Horse stable

Filly walking

Mare and colt
Miniture horse mare walking

Mare standing

Stallion standing

Mare and stallion look alikes standing

Mare with her filly

Random chick

Filly resting in flowers

Stallion jumping over gate by himself
White mare jumping over gate
Stallion jumping over gate

Brown mare jumping over gate

Two stallions racing

That's all i have for today. Check in later
and there may be more :)

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