Thursday, January 31, 2013

Hello again!

I am posting because i wanted to show you what it might have looked like in beta times.

As ya'll all ready know, it must have looked much different.

It seems the house back then were three stories! Imagine that!

It seems Jamaa hasn't changed very much comparing this picture with what it is now.

Before lands?

I'm not sure if this is really before the lands, but i found a picture.
from this veiw that this is before coral canyons, Mt. shiveer, and appondale were created.
It seems in the place where epic dens ussually is, you can go to your home. Look closely at it. Notice the game icons. What does this mean? Is this picture real? Post a comment telling what you think.

Hello all Jammers!

Today i want to tell you about the exciting new animals! first there is pet tigers!

Note: they are PETS, not animals, cause there is already tiger animals. 
Next we have a raccoon. This time it is an acctual animal, im sure all of you are glad to hear.

There is also quite afew new animal jam cards.

And, i know most of you where probably wondering, the new item for the day.
This is an underwater den item so make sure to go to Kani Cove and check it out.

Here is the valentine items that were here last year.
And this is the party last year


Thanks for looking, hope this 
helped you all. Make sure
to leave a comment :)