Sunday, June 14, 2015

Hey guyyys! :D

So guys, i haven't really been on because I've been
reaaaaally busy. And heres half the reason.
I've taken up the hobby of art and writing :3
I think both of those are super fun and i do it quite along
with reading. 
So i made an instagram account for my 
art and writing so i was hoping you guys would
go and check it out! :3
It is 
so yep guys! Give me a follow,
i'd really appreciate it. :D

Saturday, February 22, 2014


Hey jammers!

I haven't been on aj in a while 
but when i DID get on the newspaper 
popped up, and there's only one reason THAT
happens. So i looked through it and EAGLES 

I'm on my ipad so i can't play aj so
 I won't have any pics :(

But hey at least i got on!

Talk to you later, jammers!


Monday, January 20, 2014

I'm so sorry!

Hey everyone! I know not many people look on my
blog, buuut for the people who do, i wanna say
I'm sorry for not posting for so long. 

I would like to make an update on things BUT i have
to get back to school... hehe

But anyhoo, i'm glad to say I'm probably gonna become
a member and get back in the groove of AJ!

Though, it may take some time, because
after school I'm going to try out
RF online, and if its good ill probably
get addicted to it and stuff and play it a lot...

Thanks for checking out my blog,
I hope  you like it!


Saturday, August 10, 2013


I have been off aj 
longer then i though 0.0
They also changed the map! I haven't
been gone THAT long have i?
Oh yes i almost forgot to mention 
my bday was JULY 26!
im officially one year older! :)
back to the new world

This so true :(

Here is outside the import shop

 Heres inside the import shop

 Heres the import items

 SO TRUE >:(

 Outside what i call the med shop
you cant go in it yet tho

New adventure coming up.
maybe i will be a member then. i did
get bday money 

Thats all!


HA i was right!

Ya y'all probably thought this too but...
kangaroos came out in diamond shop.!

Booooo. Poor people who bought it on
Ebay for a whopping 90$! 

Yes yes. you all are wondering
well sad news, i will be a nnm for a while
BUT when the time is right, i will
be getting my membership 
back... when the time is right.
You all have probably noticed something
in partictacular about me.. yes
i have been putting aj on hold. 
Sorry yes i have had a crazy 
summer. Just last week i staid
three days in a condo after 
that driving to six flags and having
a BLAST riding everything
single roller coaster!!!!!!!

I have been missing ALOT
lately and i think... THINK.. im going to 
get back into the groove of animal jam.
as for now, see ya! Bai!


Thursday, July 4, 2013

Today is....

Hey jammers!!!
GUESS what today is!!!
Haha i guess you guessed right, perhaps wrong!

Anyways, YES! It is freedom day! Or formally known as
The Fourth Of July!

Tonight me and my family will be launching fireworks off our driveway! (It will be on our driveway on our private property and theres no burn ban so its NOT illegal! lol)
Perhaps later i may show you a few pics of them... MAY....
So today there isnt exactually any thing new, but don't worry, new stuff will come soon.

I will talk about the kangaroo now.

 Here is what the kangaroos look like on AJ (idk why this female has a boy name)

 Here is what the gift card for it looks like

You can buy them on Ebay for a whopping $50. Great deal for the seller.
It used to be $99 then it went down to 85$ the next day then now it is $50.
Here is what it looks like on Ebay....
I'm sure the kangaroo will come out in the
Diamond Shop so hold onto your diamonds.
I know i am.


Sunday, June 30, 2013


Hey Jammers!!!

I haven't been getting on animal jam very
much and here's the reason why.
If you play Minecraft you will
understand how adicting it is, lol.
So, recently has been 
that an update (6.1) is coming,
well, i downloaded it (hehehe, its not
out yet. and no i didn't hack)
and there are horses and carpets and 
supplies for horses ect.
i will show you.

So here i am on my horse.

Here are my donkeys and horses.

They came out with a rope called a lead
and you can attack it to all animals.

When your on your horse and you press "e"
heres what it comes up with. You can take
the armour off and on your horse.

Here is a horse with a lead and if you right click
a fence it does that and the horse is there until
 you right click the fence.

And that's why im not on aj that often


New poster

As you all know and can tell, im a very new
Blogger. But if you will give me a chance and 
advertise somewhere for me i won't give
up, and maybe someday i will be one of those
people with a popular blog, and if i become to
that, i will post everyone's name who helped. 
If you have helped just leave a comment 
letting me know.
Thank you for your time


Freedom party

Hey jammers! Today or at least on this post
i going to tell ya about the 
Freedom Party :)

So here are some Freedom stuff.... They tried to
make it rare by putting "Freedom" in front
of it all XD

And here's more...

Here i am waiting for the Fireworks to 
start with my friend Vampiro09

Here are a few fireworks!!! :D

Talk again later Jammers :)

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Jammer of the week

Here's the jammer of the week!!!!!
MISTYQ, she is also
my beautiful girlfriend,
here she is!!!!!!
Here are a couple of
her cute little

Friday, February 1, 2013

Hey Jammers! heres the monthly member gift.

Here is me and my friend, katieruss123's tigers

Here is another one
 And another
 These two are katieruss123's and my tiger again
 Here is my pet tiger. He is happy because he gets new fangs.
 Heres me and my tiger. My pet tiger has always wanted to be like me.
 Here is my tiger with it's new balloon.

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Hello again!

I am posting because i wanted to show you what it might have looked like in beta times.

As ya'll all ready know, it must have looked much different.

It seems the house back then were three stories! Imagine that!

It seems Jamaa hasn't changed very much comparing this picture with what it is now.

Before lands?

I'm not sure if this is really before the lands, but i found a picture.
from this veiw that this is before coral canyons, Mt. shiveer, and appondale were created.
It seems in the place where epic dens ussually is, you can go to your home. Look closely at it. Notice the game icons. What does this mean? Is this picture real? Post a comment telling what you think.

Hello all Jammers!

Today i want to tell you about the exciting new animals! first there is pet tigers!

Note: they are PETS, not animals, cause there is already tiger animals. 
Next we have a raccoon. This time it is an acctual animal, im sure all of you are glad to hear.

There is also quite afew new animal jam cards.

And, i know most of you where probably wondering, the new item for the day.
This is an underwater den item so make sure to go to Kani Cove and check it out.

Here is the valentine items that were here last year.
And this is the party last year


Thanks for looking, hope this 
helped you all. Make sure
to leave a comment :)